I’m Jen. I live in Minneapolis, MN, but thanks to modern-day technology, I am able to travel anywhere within this planet to work for you. If you live in Bermuda but you need a kick-ass assistant, call me, because I’m worth the flight. And if you’re shooting a reality show in Fiji about overweight teens, give me a ring. I’d love to chat.

Wanna know about me? Okay. I like the Muppets, I drink chai tea, and I love nature. I hate rude people and olives. I spend my free time shooting photos of discarded gloves and shopping lists, acting out on stage, or making humorous commentary to myself about misspelled signage. I’m a super-hard worker, and I am very reliable on the job. I show up on time, I do more than I’m asked, and I sometimes bring donuts on Mondays. Some might say I’m the Tom Hanks of reality television production, but probably no one would really say that.

I work as a producer, coordinator, and photographer. I also work as a writer and a personal assistant. I love doing things so you don’t have to. My dream is to have your fridge full of your favourite foods, your dog washed and walked, your files neatly organized, your thank you notes written and mailed, and your dinner reservations scheduled, all by the time you’re home for your lunch break. My husband thinks I’m the bomb.

In a nutshell, I’m very capable of wearing many hats to make your production, photo shoot, or life run smoothly. I’m a big helper. I’m also very trustworthy, organized, and adorable. Basically, I’m saying I’m a catch.

Thanks, and all the best-



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